Week 12

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Monday, November 19th
Matt and Travis and another framer came and finished the fire blocking in the chimney and in the drops. I used the broom and shop vac to get rid of most of the sawdust on the first floor.
Tuesday, November 20th
Travis and Matt finished the stuff they had to for the inspection, and my dad and I finished the stuff we could for the inspection on the garage. The inspector came in the afternoon and we still have 5 things that need to be done. The concrete guys repoured the porch. The roofer worked on more tar paper. Travis cleaned up downstairs and Edith and I cleaned up, swept, and vacuumed upstairs.
Wednesday, November 21st
Travis and Matt finished the few things that were on the punch list that pertained to the framers (a few attic braces installed, a window reinstalled, a few more staples on certain wall sheathing, etc.) My dad and I built a roof over the kitchen door to keep the sun and rain off the door since it is wood. The stucco guy came and started setting up his scaffolding. Edith and I ran to Logan to pick up some more doors that Jake had for us, and we bought doorknobs for all the exterior doors.
Thursday, November 22nd
Thanksgiving. It rained and hailed all day long. The roof tar paper wasn't done over the master bedroom gable, and we got quite a bit of water as a result. Jake and I installed the fire-rated door between the house and the garage, and a couple of the exterior doorknobs in the morning before the big feast.
Friday, November 23rd
Travis met the inspector in the morning and we finally passed the 4-way inspection. The stucco guy was there and set up more scaffolding and dropped off some materials. The house was pretty wet, but he started one run of tar paper around under the porch where it stayed dry. Edith and I vacuumed out all of the wall cavities so if the insulation guys came they wouldn't just cover up all the sawdust in there. It snowed a bunch.
Saturday, November 24th
The insulation guys were there early and got all of the insulation installed in just a few hours. My dad and Jake came and helped me install the front door knob. We hurried and installed some more of the tar paper, since it was starting to snow and we hadn't seen the roofer for 3 or 4 days and didn't want the insulation to get wet. We got a little done, but then just covered the rest with a tarp since the falling snow was making the roof slippery (Jake almost went off the roof).