Week 13

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Monday, November 26th
The stucco guy started putting up tar paper, mesh, and styrofoam on the front of the house and some tar paper on the garage.
Tuesday, November 27th
The stucco guy got more scaffolding set up.
Wednesday, November 28th
The stucco guy got most of the garage finished, and now is mostly waiting on the roofer to finish the flashing. The roof was stocked with shingles, and the drywall was delivered and stocked inside the house.
Thursday, November 29th
Nothing happened (except lots of snow).
Friday, November 30th
My dad and I finished the roof over the kitchen door. The roofers came and shoveled/swept off the roof so they could start with the shingles. Some guys from Bowman-Kemp came and installed the basement windows.
Saturday, December 1st
The stucco guy came and wrapped more of the west and south of the house, including the bay. The roofers came and put drip edge and shingles on about 3/4 of the south roof. They also put flashing on the bay roofs so the stucco guy could go up higher.
Sunday, December 2nd
The stucco guy came and finished most of the south side of the house.