Week 14

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Monday, December 3rd
The insulation sub came back and filled all the little cracks with insulation or foam, and also finished the bay roofs and the wall areas between floor joists.
Tuesday, December 4th
The roofers came and got lots of guys working on the roof and finished most of the garage and the north roof of the house. The stucco guy finished the south wall of the house and got some more done on the west wall and east wall. I cleaned the main floor.
Wednesday, December 5th
The power company showed up. We didn't have the trench dug right up to the pole, so they didn't do anything except run the line in the trench.
Thursday, December 6th
The stucco guy worked on the west and north sides.
Friday, December 7th
I dug a little bit more in the trench for the power line, but didn't get it quite finished. The stucco guy did a little more on the garage. Jake was going to help me install the south door into the garage on Saturday, but he couldn't get out of work so we did it around midnight (we were going to do the basement door too, but after it got down under 10 degrees we called it a night at 1:00).
Saturday, December 8th
I went out and cleaned out the trench to get ready for the excavator to come. He showed up and dumped sand in the trench as I spread it out to cover the phone and power cables with 5 or 6 inches of sand. Then he backfilled the trench. My dad came and we built a little wall in the basement to attach the basement door to. I installed some brick mold on some of the doors we had already installed.