Week 15

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Monday, December 10th
The power company came and installed the power, including the transformer. The drywall guys did all of the ceilings and most of the walls upstairs. Travis came and did blocking in the walls where the towel racks, etc. are going, added a little to the drop, made a doorway a few inches bigger, and lots of other little things. The guy we have chosen for cabinets came and got his deposit and took some measurements.
Tuesday, December 11th
I talked to the supervisor of the supervisor of the guy I had been talking to at Questar gas, and finally convinced him to run the gas line this year instead of next spring. He finally consented as long as we dig the trench. The drywall guys finished the upstairs and did the ceilings and some of the walls on the main level. The roofers finished the shingles on the gable ends and basically got all the shingles on the house roof and garage roof. I cleaned the garage.
Wednesday, December 12th
I finished building the wrap around the garage door. The drywall guys finished putting up all the drywall in the house, including the stairs going to the basement. The stucco guy finished up most of the stuff left on the east side and got his scaffolding set up for doing the north.
Thursday, December 13th
The drywall guys put the rounded metal corners on the drywall corners in the house, put rounded plastic edges on the arches and finished hanging all the drywall in the garage. Now they just have to wait for heat so they can start taping. The stucco guy finished the east side and part of the north.
Friday, December 14th
The stucco guys put up a little wire where the scratch coat for the rock will be going.