Week 16

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Monday, December 17th
The excavator came yesterday (Sunday) and dug the trench for the gas line. The crew from the gas company came today and ran the line in the trench and hooked it into the main line at the street, but didn't connect it at the house. They also bedded most of it with sand and got most of it covered. The stucco guy came and finished all the underlayment on the north, which means that all the styrofoam is now in place.
Tuesday, December 18th
The gas company crew finished covering the line with sand and dirt. The stucco guy got ready to put up the stucco base coat and covered the front of the house and garage with tarps to be able to heat it.
Wednesday, December 19th
The gas company came and set the gas meter.
Thursday, December 20th
Somebody from the gas company came and turned on the gas in the morning, and the heating guy came and hard-wired the furnace with an extention cord from the temporary power. The furnace is now on so the drywall guys can start taping. The stucco guy put some base coat of stucco on the front under the tarps.
Friday, December 21st
The stucco guy did a little more base coat on the garage. The drywall guys taped the whole house and did some mudding around the windows upstairs.