Week 17

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Monday, December 24th
The drywall guys came in the morning and got more taping and mudding done. They did the corners and arches downstairs, and finished the vaulted area above the stairs that they hadn't finished before. A propane tank was delivered, we assume it is for the stucco guys to heat up inside their tent.
Tuesday, December 25th
Christmas Day. My dad gave me a shelf unit to organize my tools. We hung it in the basement until the garage is ready for it.
Wednesday, December 26th
More drywall taping and mudding done.
Thursday, December 27th
The drywall guys put their last coat of mud on and got the texture on all the ceilings and also on the bottom of the drops.
Friday, December 28th
The drywall guys came and finished the drywall, sanding everything smooth and cleaning out the switch and outlet boxes. My brother Jake and I replace the left handed garage door with a right handed one and got the interior office door mostly installed.