Week 19

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Monday, January 7th
The stucco guy didn't work because his propane tanks had been venting and he had to air out under the tarps. Travis and crew finished the master bedroom closet organizers with mine on the left and Edith's on the right.
Tuesday, January 8th
The stucco guy finished base coat on the bottom half of the south wall. Travis set up his equipment downstairs, and his crew finished the pantry and all the other downstairs closets. Travis also built the upstairs stairs with the final treads and skirts.
Wednesday, January 9th
The stucco guy finished the base coat on all of the south wall and part of the west wall. Travis and crew got started on some of the door trim and Travis did the downstairs stairs. I went to Logan to get the last few doors from Jake.
Thursday, January 10th
The stucco guy finished the base coat on the rest of the house, so everything is ready for the color coat. Travis hung the all the doors that I had gotten from Jake, both upstairs and downstairs. Jake was able to procure all but 3 doors, so Travis is going to get those through his supplier.
Friday, January 11th
Travis finished the last few doors that he got through his supplier, including the pocket door, and put trim around them.
Saturday, January 12th
The stucco crew came with 4 or 5 guys and did the color and texture coat on the whole house. We chose a color called "parchment". They had it so hot inside the tent (so everything would dry) that they had their shirts off.