Week 21

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Monday, January 21st
We had about 10 people from mostly my family come and paint. I sprayed white (wherever I say white I mean swiss coffee) on the trim and corners, and my family rolled and brushed on the paint. They finished the girls room (green with white trim and ceiling) and the boys room (blue with white trim and ceiling), and all the other rooms upstairs (white everything). They helped clean up downstairs and cover the cabinets with plastic tarps, and I finished spraying primer on all the downstairs except the mudroom, since we ran out of primer.
Tuesday, January 22nd
I painted the all the ceilings downstairs. I also painted a swatch of botany beige downstairs to try it out, but we decided it was too dark. My dad picked up some more primer for me, and a gallon of botany beige mixed at half strength.
Wednesday, January 23rd
I moved all the paint buckets and stuff from the mudroom into the kitchen and primed the mudroom, and also sanded and respackled the nail holes. I tried a swatch of the half-strength botany beige, and we decided we liked it.
Thursday, January 24th
I painted the mudroom ceiling, and painted two coats of semi-gloss on the trim. I also sanded and respackled the nail holes again. The roofers came back for a couple hours and got a little bit of the porch roof shingled.
Friday, January 25th
My dad and I painted the bathroom upstairs and the stairway walls, which we didn't get done before, and also the office downstairs (all swiss coffee). I put a second coat on the blue room, since there were lots of missed spots. I ran to the paint store and picked up 5 gallons of half-strength botany beige.
Saturday, January 26th
My family all came over, along with Edith's dad, and we masked off the ceiling and trim, and then painted the main floor (half-strength botany beige with white trim and white ceiling). We left most of the kitchen with just primer, since the cabinets will cover everything. Edith's dad also fixed us up a sump pump in the basement so we wouldn't have puddles on the floor from the water the furnace puts off. I touched up all the edges and took off the masking around the ceiling and trim.