Week 22

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Monday, January 28th
I cleaned up the main floor, taking off most of the masking and moving everything out of the way of the Travis and the cabinet guy. (I stuffed most the painting stuff into the pantry closet.) We locked on our loan today (at 7%), so we have to be done in 30 days.
Tuesday, January 29th
Travis took the day off, since some of the oak parts he needed for the railing weren't delivered until the afternoon. I spent an hour taking masking off hinges and out of electric boxes, etc. The cabinet guy came during the night (around 10:00 pm) and started installing the cabinets.
Wednesday, January 30th
Travis came and started building the railing. He got the oak base installed.
Thursday, January 31st
The stucco guys came back and started on the scratch coat, putting up tar paper and chicken wire in the front. Travis worked more on the railing. In the evening, Edith's dad showed me how to do the basics of wiring, and we got a couple plugs and switches wired.
Friday, February 1st
Travis got the all the bottom newel posts up lots of spindles on the railing. I wired the switches and plugs in the kids' rooms. The phone guy came and hooked up the phone box on the house, but wasn't able to get it hooked up out at the street.
Saturday, February 2nd
I did some more wiring. The roofers came and finished more of the porch roof.