Week 23

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Monday, February 4th
Travis finished the outside railing around the bottom half of the stairs, and started on the inside railing that goes to the top. The stucco guys got a little more tar paper on the front and on the chimney. The phone guy came back and hooked up the phone. I installed some light fixtures and smoke detectors.
Tuesday, February 5th
Travis finished the top part of the railing. The stucco guys got more tar paper and chicken wire put up. I installed some breakers and light bulbs. Edith and I went down and picked out the rest of our carpet and picked up some more of the tile.
Wednesday, February 6th
Travis finished the railing and added the other railings. Edith and I did some wiring in the master bedroom and Edith's dad did some wiring in the office. The stucco guys finished some of the scratch coat behind the garage.
Thursday, February 7th
The stucco guys did the scratch coat on the east of the house and the garage. The cabinet guy installed the island.
Friday, February 8th
Nothing happened.
Saturday, February 9th
The cabinet guy came and installed all the cabinets in the kitchen so we could start tiling. Edith and I went down to Home Depot and bought all the tile backer, mortar, tools, etc. for the tiling job. My dad and I unloaded everything (a few thousand pounds worth), and installed some of the backer board in the mudroom.