Week 24

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Monday, February 11th
My dad and I finished putting down the cement backer in the mudroom and some in the kitchen. The tile guy was there putting cement backer on the walls for the shower and bath tile in the bathrooms.
Tuesday, February 12th
The tile guy tiled the upstairs kids' bathroom. The roofers finished the roof including the ridge vents. The stucco guys did some scratch coat under a tarp on the front. I went out and put down some more cement backer in the kitchen.
Wednesday, February 13th
The tile guy finished the shower floor in the downstairs bathroom. Edith and I got most of the rest of the cement backer put down in the kitchen, including around all the cabinets.
Thursday, February 14th
The soffit guys came and started on the garage back and side. I finished putting backer board in the rest of the kitchen and put mortar in the seams in the mudroom.
Friday, February 15th
I wired the lights in the hallway and some more switches. My dad and mom came over and helped put down more backer board in the entry and hallway, and mortar all the seams. The soffit guys did the south of the house. The cabinet guy installed the upstairs bathroom cabinets.
Saturday, February 16th
We got a bunch of family together and went crazy on the tile. My dad and Jake finished the backer in the bathroom, and Jake and Emily layed the tile in the passageway. Joey cut all the tiles and Wendy helped lay the diamond pattern in the kitchen. Joey and Wendy stayed until almost midnight, and we got the kitchen almost done and all the full tiles in the rest of the kitchen, and the entry/hallway layed.