Week 25

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Monday, February 18th
Joey, Wendy, and I worked all day measuring and cutting the tiles that go around the kitchen cabinets and the borders of the entry/hallway. Joey, Katy, Josh, and I stuck them down with mortar. The soffit guys did all the soffit on the east of the house, the most of the garage.
Tuesday, February 19th
The stucco guys put the scratch coat on the front of the garage and rest of the front porch. The tile guy came back and finished the shower in the downstairs bathroom and also did some more of the cultured marble window sills downstairs. I spent some time cutting and installing tiles for the entryway and bathroom. Travis came and cut 3 feet off the chimney, since they had built it too tall. The soffit guys finished the wraparound porch.
Wednesday, February 20th
I cut the rest of the hallway and bathroom tiles but didn't have time to lay anything. The soffit guys finished the main porch and the west of the house, and the rest of the soffit work. The heating guys came and fixed the chimney flue so it was the same length as the chimney. The stucco guys finished the scratch coat on the rest of the garage/house corner.
Thursday, February 21st
Joey layed all the hallway and bathroom tiles, and the tiles we had ripped up where the display end goes. Wendy and I layed the mudroom tiles. Joey and Katie did the grout in half of the kitchen tiles. The stucco guys finished the scratch coat on the chimney, so they are finally done.
Friday, February 22nd
Edith, Emily, and I layed all the border tiles in the mudroom.
Saturday, February 23rd
Edith and I went to Home Depot and bought more grout and some fans. Joey, Katie, Jenny, Emily, and I finished grouting the tile in the kitchen/bathroom/entryway and the mudroom, and stained the railing.