Week 26

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Monday, February 25th
I mopped excess grout off the tile floors. The tile guy finished all the shower tiles and did the rest of the downstairs window sills. The cabinet guy came and we made our final choice on the countertop color. I sprayed paint on some baseboard trim for Travis to start installing. My mom and dad helped put another coat of stain on the railing, and my dad put down some backer for the fireplace tile.
Tuesday, February 26th
Tad started installing the base for the countertops. Travis and his crew put down baseboards on top of the tile, installed the final trim under the railing, made some temporary stairs, and made a railing for the kitchen door to make it safe. Edith and I bought all the rest of the light fixtures and checked out appliances in Ogden. I cleaned up most of the tile mess. Tad came again late at night and glued down the kitchen countertop laminate.
Wednesday, February 27th
Travis and his crew finished the baseboard trim and layed the vinyl floors in the laundry room and master bathroom. They also layed the vinyl in the kids bathroom, but messed it up, so they are going to have to do it again. I had a real electrician come and help me get some of the wiring fixed. Tad put down the countertops in the bathrooms. My mom and dad helped me lay the tile in front of the fireplace, stain a few doors, and put up the roof supports for the kitchen roof.
Thursday, February 28th
Travis relayed the vinyl in the kids' bathroom. His crew got the pad and tack strips layed down for the carpet. I came at night and wired some more lights, including the florescent in the laundry room. I also grouted the fireplace tile.
Friday, March 1st
The plumber came and put in the kitchen sink, the bathroom sinks, and all the toilets. He also installed the water heater. The appliances were delivered and the plumber hooked up the fridge and dishwasher. Travis and his crew delivered the carpet, and layed the carpet in the great room and office, and layed all the other carpet out.
Saturday, March 2nd
The electrician came back and helped me hook up the dishwashwer and range hood and tested all the stuff that I had wired. Travis's crew came back and finished the carpet for the upstairs bedrooms and rest of the house, except for 4 stairs since they ran out of carpet and have to order more. They also installed all the towel racks and closet rods. We had a hotdog roast with my mom and dad, Emily, Ani, and Lissa to burn all the leftover scrap wood and cardboard packing. My sisters and parents stained all the rest of the doors in the freezing basement. I installed the fan in the great room and kept fires in the front and back going for burning scraps and boxes. Tad came late at night and put the crown molding on the cabinets.