Week 27

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Monday, March 4th
The heating guys came and hooked up the stove and fireplace, installed the programmable thermostat and put in all the heat registers and intakes. The cabinet guy came and finished the crown molding and the bathroom counters. Travis built some railings which will help us pass code. The glass guys came and installed some of the mirrors. The electrician came and helped me do the lighting in the fruitroom under the porch, since it had to be in conduit. The tile guy came back and finished all the window sills. Edith's dad and I did a lot more electrical work, including the dining room light fixture.
Tuesday, March 5th
Travis came to finish the railings and put up some door trim in the garage to pass inspection. The inspector came and most of the stuff that didn't pass was electrical (my job). The plumber came and finished the sinks and hooked up the radon pipe. I cleaned all the trash I could out of the house and swept. We went to close on the loan, but they had my name spelled wrong, and the wrong address, so we rescheduled for Thursday.
Wednesday, March 6th
I did some of the electrical work on the inspector's list, including installing the doorbell and the fan over the stairs and other small electrical things.
Thursday, March 7th
I fished some wire up through the island, installed some can lights in the porch, and put in the switch and light for the basement walkout. I also installed a few of the wood doors. The glass guys came back and finished the mirrors and put in the shower doors in the master bath and guest bath. We went and closed on the loan, even though they still had they address wrong (we just crossed it out and initialed it on all 200 pages).
Friday, March 8th
I worked on finishing the stuff on the electrical list.