Week 3

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Monday, September 17th
The foundation guys finished all the basement forms and most of the garage forms. They were supposed to pour today, but weren't ready when the inspector came.
Tuesday, September 18th
The foundation guys finished the forms in the morning, the inspector came, and the foundation was finally poured in the afternoon.
Wednesday, September 19th
The forms were removed by noon, and the plumber installed the stubs for the plumbing that goes in the basement slab.
Thursday, September 20th
The tar sub came in the afternoon and sprayed tar around the foundation to waterproof it. Edith and I installed the radon mitigation system in the evening.
Friday, September 21st
The excavator was there most of the day, backfilling the garage and parts of the basement. The contractor came with a tamper and tamped the fill down as the excavator dumped it in the garage until it was up to the right level. We also ran the water and electric lines from the well into the basement, and began pouring fill into the basement.
Saturday, September 22nd
We finished spreading the fill in the basement and then dumped a few inches of gravel on top of the fill. We also finished off the garage with gravel and the excavator finished much of the grading. We have the basement out of the ground 4 feet to avoid flooding, so we are sloping the ground up in the front to cover the basement and avoid steps.