Week 4

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  Monday, September 24th
Nothing happened, since the concrete sub couldn't come until Tuesday.
Tuesday, September 25th
The concrete sub poured the basement slab in the morning, and then poured the garage floor in the afternoon. Travis drilled some rebar into the garage foundation to help support the floor.
Wednesday, September 26th
The concrete sub came again and cut the driveway into 4 pieces to prevent it cracking. It looked like they accidentally turned on the water while plugging in their saws (the well pump is connected to the power box), so there was some standing water in the basement. The water dried up pretty quickly, though.
  Thursday, September 27th
Nothing happened. Just waiting for the concrete to dry before the framers can start
  Friday, September 28th
Nothing happened. Still waiting.
Saturday, September 29th
The lumber was delivered around noon. I spent a few hours sweeping off the tops of the foundation to get ready for the framers to attach the sill. I also uncovered the drains and swept out the inside of the basement.