Week 5

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Monday, October 1st
The framers showed up and started in on the framing. They attached all the sill plates and built the supporting wall in the basement and the wall that the stairs go in.
Tuesday, October 2nd
The framers put in all the floor joists for the first floor, and installed the plywood subfloor on top.
Wednesday, October 3rd
The framers got the east and west walls of the first floor done, as well as part of the north wall.
Thursday, October 4th
They finished the north wall and part of the south wall on the first floor. Also, my dad and I started framing the garage (part of our sweat equity). We got one wall framed, but didn't get it raised up yet.
Friday, October 5th
The framers finished the bays on the south wall and all the supporting walls on the inside of the first floor. My dad and I finished the south wall of the garage.