Week 6

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Monday, October 8th
The framers put on the joists for the second floor and covered most of it with sheeting.
Tuesday, October 9th
They finished almost all the walls for the second floor. Just a little bit left to do before they can put on the roof trusses. My dad and my brother, Jake, came over and we framed the east wall of the garage.
Wednesday, October 10th
The framers had to go put some trusses on another job. They should be back to work on our house on Monday. The only thing that happened today was that Milgard delivered our windows.
  Thursday, October 11th
My dad and I were going to work on the garage some more, but it was raining enough to discourage us, so nothing was done today.
Friday, October 12th
I worked a few hours in the afternoon getting things measured and cut for the garage, and my dad came and helped me put together the west wall and we stood it up in the evening.
Saturday, October 13th
My dad and I worked almost all day and got the west wall finished and the north wall with the beams for the garage door. We also got started on the sheeting.