Week 7

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  Monday, October 15th
The framers got delayed by the rain last week on their other job, so they weren't back yet, and nothing happened.
Tuesday, October 16th
The framers still weren't done today, but the cement subs came and poured the driveway and the porch cap, and dumped some cement in the holes for the porch column footings. The trusses were delivered.
Wednesday, October 17th
The framers showed up and got ready for the trusses to be placed by finishing all the second story walls and adding most of the rest of the outside sheeting on the walls, especially on the south bays. They also put sheeting on the gable ends.
Thursday, October 18th
The crane showed up early (7:30) and they had all the trusses in place in about 3 hours. They started on the roof sheeting and finished the south side. They also started the basement stairs.
Friday, October 19th
They did the most of the north side of the roof sheeting and finished the stairs to the basement and started on the upper stairs.