Week 8

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  Monday, October 22th
No framers showed up, for various reasons. Travis had to go to the dentist to have a tooth pulled.
Tuesday, October 23rd
The framers finished more of the stairs, some walls on the second floor, and the lower part of the chimney. We signed up for garbage service and got a garbage can today, so we were able to get rid of most of the fast food containers and empty glue tubes.
Wednesday, October 24th
They finished the stairs so we can finally walk all the way up and down through the house. All the inside walls on the second floor are now done. They did more work on the gable on the front of the house. The cement sub came and repoured footings on top of the old ones since they weren't thick enough, and he put rebar in this time.
Thursday, October 25th
Travis and Matt worked on the front gable and got it pretty much finished, and then started on the roof over the back bay.
Friday, October 26th
Travis and Matt finished the roofs on the two bays in the back. The excavator came and dug a hole and brought in our septic tank.
Saturday, October 27th
Travis came in the morning to get a stucco bid and start cutting the rough-sawn lumber for the front porch. My dad and Jake showed up around 11:00 to help get the garage sheathing put up. We got the east wall mostly done and a lot of the roof, but we had to move a few trusses that weren't laid out correctly, so we didn't get as much done as we'd hoped. Casey (the excavator) was there as well, bringing in fill for the septic tank leach fields.