Week 9

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Monday, October 29th
I worked a few hours in the morning getting some more sheathing on the garage. The framers built the rest of the chimney on the ground and they are going to hoist it into place with the crane when it comes to lift up the rough-sawn beams. They also built all the rest of the inside walls on the main floor. The cement sub came and formed up some sono-tubes for the columns on the front porch.
Tuesday, October 30th
The cement sub came and poured the sono-tubes columns on the front porch. The framers put up the sheathing on the chimney and installed some of the windows. The heating guys were there and installed the furnace and some flues and ducts. It started to rain pretty hard and everything got really wet. The wind blew really hard before the rain started and knocked over and broke one of the windows.
Wednesday, October 31st
Everything was still wet, but the heating guys worked inside installing more ducts and returns and such. The framers installed a few more windows and blocking and various other odds and ends.
Thursday, November 1st
The plumber came and began installing drains for toilets, sinks, and tubs. Travis cut most of the rough-sawn pieces needed for the front porch truss. My dad and I worked on the garage roof for an hour or two. The excavator came and dug a trench through the ditch and ran some conduit under it, since they finally turned it off.
Friday, November 2nd
Travis started to put together the rough-sawn lumber for the front porch. The plumber got most of the vents and drains done.
Saturday, November 3rd
The excavator came and dug all the trenches and installed the pipe for the leach fields for the septic tank and also dug the half of the trench for the electrical line. The plumber was there, and finished all the vents and drains, and started in on the copper hot and cold supply lines. Travis and I worked on the front porch truss and I also restacked all the lumber so it wasn't strewn all over the place. Travis and I also peeled all the sono-tubes off the porch column footings so the front is ready for backfill. The heating guys came back and installed the gas line from where it enters the garage to the furnace, water heater, fireplace, dryer, and range.