Week 2

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  Monday, September 10th
Nothing happened since the footing inspection couldn't be scheduled until Wednesday.
(pictures lost) Tuesday, September 11th
The footings guys set up most of the footing forms and rebar.
Wednesday, September 12th
The footings guys finished setting up the forms and the rest of the rebar. The inspector came and inspected the footings around 10:30 ("first thing in the morning") and the footings were poured. When measuring the footings afterward, they realized they had poured the front a foot short. Oops. But they said they would fix it at no charge.
Thursday, September 13th
The foundation guys came, but they had to pour some cement to fix the problem created by the footings guys and so they weren't able to set up their forms, but they laid all the forms out in the hole.
Friday, September 14th
The outside of the foundation forms were set up.