Week 10

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Monday, November 5th
Travis came and finished the front porch truss and drilled holes in the cement columns to be able to add the stirrups to hold the rough-sawn columns. He also installed one of the window wells, and the excavator came and back-filled the front where the porch will go. My dad and I worked on the garage roof for an hour or so.
Tuesday, November 6th
Travis and one of the framers got some of the porch beams up. The electrician came and installed all the plastic boxes for the switches and outlets to rough out where everything is going to go. A cement cutter guy came and cut a hole in the foundation where our septic tank pipe is going to go (we changed out minds on where we are putting the septic tank after the foundation was poured). I stapled up some more wall sheathing on the garage.
Wednesday, November 7th
Travis and his brother, Jeff, got the rest of the porch beams cut and bolted into place. The plumber finished the rest of the hot and cold supply lines and installed the outside hose bibs. I cleaned up a lot of the scrap lumber and stacked it in the garage.
Thursday, November 8th
None of the other workers showed up today, but my dad and I worked on the garage for an hour or two and got some of the end gables done.
Friday, November 9th
Travis came with a helper and got the beams and posts ready for the crane, which lifted the heavy rough-sawn beams and rafters into place. The crane also lifted the chimney into place. The electrician was there and they placed some of the can light boxes and other light fixture backing into place. A guy came from Milgard windows and fixed the broken window and the other window the factory had installed the wrong glass in. My dad and my uncle Steve Sanderson came and helped me work on the garage and did some after I had to leave for a scout campout.
Saturday, November 10th
The excavator was there to haul in dirt to backfill around the house. He filled in the back and east side after Travis installed the window wells. He also dug more of the trench for the electrical line to be run and dug out in the back where the drain goes near the basement door. Travis used a tamper to pack down the dirt and gravel to go under the front porch as the excavator brought it in. Matt returned with some of his framers to build the roof over the porch. The guys who had given the porch too much slope (2 inches slope on a 5 foot wide porch) came and jack-hammered the whole thing out of there. I assume they are going to repour it soon. My dad and I got more done on the garage.