Week 11

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Monday, November 12th
Matt and some other framers came and finished sheeting the rest of the porch roof and the back of the chimney, and installed the rest of the windows. Travis began building the drop around the heating duct in the entry and kitchen. My dad and I built the cricket on the garage roof.
Tuesday, November 13th
My dad and I worked on the garage roof in the morning since it was supposed to rain in the afternoon. We got quite a bit done before about 11:30 when it started raining. The electrician ran a lot of wire through the walls, and Travis built some drops and the wall where all the pipes are in the guest bathroom.
Wednesday, November 14th
The well pump guy came and installed the water pressure tank in the house and moved the control panel and everything for the well pump into the basement. The electricians were there running more wire. Travis worked on the drops and the arch over the kitchen window. The fireplace was also delivered and installed.
Thursday, November 15th
Travis worked on the arch in the entry and the drop in the office. The electricians finished up their wiring running everything to the meter attached to the garage. The ran all the phone, TV, and computer wiring to a common box next to the breaker box so everything will be lots easier to wire and hook up later. I re-routed the pipe that the plumber had run for the radon pipe so it would be more of a straight shot to the roof so it might flow easier. Then I ran to Logan to pick up four of our exterior doors from my brother, Jake.
Friday, November 16th
The county inspector came and did the 4-way inspection. He had a list of things that didn't pass, so Travis and Matt are coming back on Monday to fix all the things on the list, and then we should have another inspection on Tuesday. Travis worked on the drops and arches and some of the things that didn't pass inspection. The roofer came and started working on getting the tar paper on the roof.
Saturday, November 17th
My brother, Jake, and I installed three of the exterior doors, and my dad did some more of the blocking and hangers and cleaned up in the garage. We also installed all the windows in the garage. The roofer was there most of the day and got tar paper on most of the roof.