Week 20

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Sunday, January 13th
We had a baby on Sunday, January 13th: Anderson Casey Songer (In case anyone was wondering why it took me a few weeks to update these pages.)
Monday, January 14th
The stucco guys came and took down all the tarps and most of the scaffolding except around the chimney (they still have to do a scratch coat to go under the rock). We really like the way the color and texture of the stucco turned out. Travis started putting on the baseboard trim in the rooms and closets.
Tuesday, January 15th
Travis and his friend put down the underlayment that goes under the vinyl in the upstairs bathrooms, and finished putting up the rest of the trim. They also cleaned up all the scraps and sawdust so we are ready to start the paint prep work.
Wednesday, January 16th
I did a little spackling of the nail holes etc. in the trim upstairs.
Thursday, January 17th
Travis and his friend built the stairs from the house into the garage. Edith and I did a little more spackling.
Friday, January 18th
Edith and I went to a doctors appointment for our Anderson, and then went to the paint store and bought lots of primer, and a few gallons of colors to try for the ceiling, trim, and walls, and some painting tools, etc.
Saturday, January 19th
We had 15 or so family members come and start masking off windows, electric boxes, hinges etc. They also helped to spackle and sand most of the trim and walls. We tried the white trim and ceiling, but we decided it was too white, so we went with the "swiss coffee" color that we had bought for the walls, and went to get a darker color for the walls. My mom ran to get more primer and more of the swiss coffee for the upstairs walls. I sprayed primer on all the upstairs after everyone was done masking. Edith's dad and brother built a scaffold to reach the vaulted ceiling over the stairs. The cabinet guy delivered some of the cabinets.